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Certified Family Law Specialist - Cross Border Issues


With a practice based in San Diego, California, Kacey Coony, Attorney at Law provides cross-border legal services and representation for litigants in California who have particular issues involving Mexico or any other foreign jurisdiction.


Cross Border Issues

Along the Mexican - U.S. border, issues frequently arise regarding choice of law, as well as the forum for family law matters. Many people along the border retain residence status of some nature in both countries.

Consequently, people frequently have the choice to file proceedings in Mexico or California. Our firm handles complex litigation involving jurisdictional options and disputes surrounding the establishment of jurisdiction.

Information regarding international law, case law, and international treaties, is necessary in order to make an informed decision as to where a family law case should be heard. This is true with respect to countries other than Mexico, as well.

Kacey Coony is fluent in Spanish, French, and English.  She is able to review legal documents from South America, many parts of Africa, and Europe in their original form, without the necessity of translating each and every document that may be of importance in a case.

Flag, Legal Services in San Diego, CA
Flag, Legal Services in San Diego, CA


One of the most important areas of international family law practice involves the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction. Kacey Coony has successfully brought and defended against many Hague Convention petitions throughout the State of California. 

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