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Family Law Specialist, San Diego, California

Kacey Coony, Attorney at Law in San Diego, California, is a certified family law specialist, providing expert legal services and advice, ensuring your interests and family are well represented.

Child Custody, & Visitation

One of the most challenging issues in family law practice involves the special relationships between parents and children. Divorce, separation, and moving away produce significant stress and conflict within the family. We not only bring a full knowledge of the law regarding these issues, we also bring compassion and creativity, to make certain that these important relationships are protected and nurtured.

Child, Spousal, & Family Support

Divorce is devastating enough for a family, but even more so when looking at the economic picture. Financing two households without additional income becomes a central issue in family law and divorce proceedings.

It is therefore imperative that a family has an experienced family law specialist on its side. Kacey Coony has the experience you want, ensuring you are receiving accurate information and guidance throughout the case.

Kacey Coony will make sure all avenues are explored regarding the family's needs for support, and the ability to pay support.

Property Division
Providing you with necessary legal counsel and advice when faced with the division of assets is something you can count on from our firm. Whether dealing with retirement benefits, stock options, real estate, or business interests, we have a wealth of experience dealing with the complicated issues of asset and debt division.

Father and son, Family Law Specialist in San Diego, CA
With a wide network of valuation specialists and mediation professionals, our team will ensure you have the best counsel and legal team fighting for your interests and on your behalf.
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